Rise Fit has changed my life! I've never experienced such a rapid change in my body in a short amount of time. In just 6 weeks, I've lost pounds and inches. My body fat and BMI also decreased. Derrick Partman is an Excellent Trainer! Trust the Process!
This is a good place to get fit for you and your family we love it
I am a huge supporter of the small businesses coming to Hamilton so when I saw that RISE Fit was opening in downtown, I had to join! This past month I signed up for unlimited boot classes and I can honestly say that those 30 minutes makes you sweat..a lot! If you're looking for a coach who will push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you in a positive way, I highly suggest Derrick's classes!
I just started working out with Derrick he's honestly one of the best trainers I came across. He is very patient and makes you feel comfortable!! He's pretty awesome and I highly recommend him if you're serious about working out
I told Derrick that outside of football, basketball & baseball that Israel use to box as well but our other sports schedules doesn't permit us to do it anymore despite the desire. That was in general conversation. When I asked my son today how training was, he told me that Derrick had integrated boxing into his workout today. I was ecstatic & Israel enjoyed it as well!!! Thank you sir!!!
I started going here after 2 years of being away from a gym and it was the best decision I could've made! I love the people and the workouts are always different! Great place and great motivation!!
Derrick is the truth, he tells you like it is, no sugar coating!..... That's what I love about him!!!!
My husband and I have been working out with Derrick since February 2017 and we absolutely love his 30 minute workouts. They are flexible enough for our busy work schedules and they are powerful! We feel amazing after each one. Here recently he has started training our son who is an athlete who plays baseball and we've seen him gain muscle, attain more speed and learn great information about being healthy and fit. Derrick is a great trainer, coach and health advocate!
I have 2 sons both have been athletes there entire life, but what they have been able to gain by working with Derrick is invaluable. They have been able to gain an appreciation for the process of what it takes to becomes an athlete as well as how they need to prioritize there goals and what it involves to reach those goals. I have seen vast improvements in there speed and conditioning as well as there overall confidence. My sons are now very aware of the things they do in and out of training i.e. Meal preparation (what they put in there body), proper sleep, GPA and ACT/SAT scores, even surrounding themselves with people who are on the same path with the same goals. All in all he isn't just a trainer but a mentor. Well worth the investment in your student athlete.
Derrick is extremely passionate about helping the youth reach their potential and he had the tools at his disposal to bring the best out of them. What I love most is that he's actually certified and licensed to do it! When you love something you do it right!!
I am a gym rat of 40+ years and like everything else involved with trying to help your child like teaching her how/what/when/where to exercise was a challenge. I got her involved with Derrick about 2 months ago and he has worked wonders. She was always been willing but Derrick got her to that next level of wanting. Once a week, he trains, listens, responds and teaches her all the things she needs and she always walks away (sometimes barely) happy, exhausted and excited for next week. When he gets Risefit studio finished and open, she will be there 2-5 days a week. Thanks Derrick
Love the fact that he doesn't rush you and focus on making you a better you.He give great advice on workout and meal plans as well.Thanks for everything. Im glad i had a pleasure of meeting you as you progress. Congratulations to you on it all.
I have been training with Derrick for over a year. He is great at targeting your workouts to fit your lifestyle, and encourages you to improve your health. I can tell you I always have the post workout soreness that I LOVE; even after all this time. It lets me know that he continues to confuse my muscles, and get a real whole body workout. Thanks Derrick! I can't wait till our next session.
This is the beginning of a new lifestyle. Derrick is very knowledgeable and thorough. I really like the schedule flexibility too. I just left from my 3rd training session, and each time I go I know quitting smoking was a great decision. I'm looking forward to the more intense workout sessions once I get the basics down. PS: Can't is not allowed